At Gallerie we love helping you find the diamond of your dreams. We will work with your ideas and your budget to hand select a beautiful selection of stones for you to choose from. A diamond ring is a very special investment, and we understand that you want something as unique as you are.

 Most importantly, we use certified stones and deal only with our trusted suppliers. Always keeping in mind the importance of using eco friendly, ethically sourced, mined or lab grown diamonds. This way you can be confident you are getting the very best quality.

 At Gallerie, we know that no two couples are the same, therefore we specialise in boutique wedding bands for both men and women. Come in store for expert advice on finding that perfect ring.

 We also offer affordable custom designs, to make sure that your engagement ring and wedding ring are perfect together.

Engagement & Wedding Rings

Our beautiful diamond engagement rings can be made in white, yellow, rose gold or platinum. They can be custom made to suit any budget with diamonds or coloured gemstones.

​At Gallerie Fine Jewellery, we offer our customers more than just incredible jewellery; we offer memories that last a lifetime. We carry an exclusive range of designs, making it easy for our discerning customers to find that perfect piece.

​Please contact us with any queries or come in store for expert advice to find your perfect ring.

There's more to a diamond

than meets the eye.

Two diamonds that look alike at first may, in fact, be very different, and two diamonds of equal size can have very unequal values.

​To understand the difference is to understand the 4C's: Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat - weight. It is these characteristics that determine the value of a diamond. When you buy diamond jewellery, you'll want the diamonds, regardless of size, to be the best quality. We don't need to tell you the difference that quality makes.