Custom Designed Jewellery

By Geneane Gusse


Custom designed jewellery is the ultimate expression of style. Whether it be a remodel of your worn and loved pieces or a fresh idea sketched on paper. Gallerie Fine Jewellery can help you to bring your visions to life. We offer jewellery design and remodelling services that are unparalleled. They are then crafted to the highest quality under the guidance of designer Geneane Gusse.

 We can redesign or modify our existing in-store pieces to perfectly suit your style. The quality of the gemstones, the type of metal and the type of gemstones can all be changed.

 Do you have old pieces of jewellery such as heirlooms that you wish you could wear more?  We can use your materials to start from scratch, redesigning the piece into something you will love. 

 Make your own unique vision come to life with innovative design advice. Sourcing the finest gemstones, handpicked by Geneane, to match the expectations of your dream piece. Our master jeweller, who works exclusively with us,  has over 30 years of experience. As a result, every piece is handcrafted and finished to perfection. 

 There are limitless options when it comes to redesign and custom design at Gallerie Fine Jewellery.