Atlantis Keshi Pearl Enhancer Hoop Earrings Medium

Atlantis Keshi Pearl Enhancer Hoop Earrings Medium

Regular price$190.00

Keshi pearls are varying shapes and sizes due to forming naturally in a cultured pearl shell. They are highly lustrous as they are 100% nacre which is what gives pearls their beautiful shine.

Hoops: Sterling silver Italian hoops measure 20mm diameter x 2mm, $55 pair.

Pearls: 8-9mm Keshi pearls set on sterling silver, $135 pair.

Hoops & pearls can be sold separately make an inquiry.

Designed by Geneane



Designed By G

The beautiful style, quality and workmanship of this collection has been overseen the whole way by Geneane and her daughter Solveigh. This ensures that each piece is something you will wear and love for many years to come.

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